Which of the following words fills the above blank best in reference to Doctors Without Borders?

Answer the multiple choice questions.


Refer to the following source to answer the question:

Doctors Without Borders’ work is based on the ______________ principles of medical ethics and impartiality. The organization is committed to bringing quality medical care to people caught in crises regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation.

Which of the following words fills the above blank best in reference to Doctors Without Borders?

Select one:

a. humanitarian

b. political participation

c. protest and civil disobedience

d. respect for law and order


Which of the following statements provides the best description regarding citizenship?

Select one:

a. The government defines what type of citizen we are in Canada.

b. Our family alone determines our views on citizenship.

c. people have little choice in how they approach their citizenship.

d. Worldview and ideology may shape a person’s role as a citizen.


Refer to the following source quotation to answer the question:

“The mission is not well-constructed, it’s unbalanced, we’re putting 10 times as much into the military side as we are into aid, and we now have famine and real problems spreading in Afghanistan… It’s time for Canada to take a new path.”

Source: Jack Layton, quoted in the Canadian Press, Globe and Mail, February 23, 2007

Which of the following headlines captures best the views expressed by Mr. Layton in this statement?

Select one:

a. “Canadians encourage troop involvement in Afghanistan beyond 2011”

b. “Canadians are on the right track in Afghanistan”

c. “Canadians reconsidering level of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan”

d. “Canadians protest Afghanistan mission”


Which of the following is not an element of citizenship?

Select one:

a. A sense of membership or identity with some wider community, ranging from local to global

b. A corresponding set of duties or responsibilities, such as an obligation to respect the rights of others

c. Individual rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

d. Unlimited individual rights and freedoms that allow people to do whatever they please


Refer to the following source to answer the question:

Imagine how you would feel if you were the victim of a mugging and no one stopped to help you. You call for help, but no one gives any attention. People walk around you and continue on their way. Imagine the problems a community would have if no one volunteered to build playgrounds or help with community fund-raisers.

Which of the following statements has no relevance to the above source?

Select one:

a. Citizenship means that citizens must act in ways that contribute to society as a whole.

b. Unless citizens participate in their communities, whether in a local neighborhood, on a national level, or even a global level, society suffers.

c. By not voting in elections we forfeit our right to have a say in the political process.

d. To make society better for everyone, people need to become involved in some way.


Which of the following is the best example of indirect political participation?

Select one:

a. Protesting or demonstrating

b. Participating in non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

c. Attending town hall meetings

d. Writing letters to the editors of newspapers


Which of the following is NOT an example of non-voting political behavior?

Select one:

a. Searching for information on a political issue

b. Signing a petition

c. Volunteering for a political party

d. Voting in a federal election


Read the following source quotation:

“The time of two solitudes [separate worlds] is past. The narrow notion of ‘every person for himself’ does not belong in today’s world, which demands that we learn to see beyond our wounds, beyond our differences for the good of all. Quite the contrary: We must eliminate the spectre (vision) of all the solitudes and promote solidarity among all the citizens who make up the Canada of today.”

-Michaelle Jean, Governor General of Canada

quoted in CBC online, September 28, 2005

Which of the following statements reflects best Ms. Jean’s views in this statement?

Select one:

a. Canadians should be loyal to their non-nationalist loyalty first and Canada second.

b. Canadians should place their citizenship as Canadians above all other loyalties.

c. Canadians are advised to put their own interests before those of Canada.

d. Canadians should spend time visiting other countries so they appreciate Canada more.


Review the following source:

Block Parent Program: This program helps children when they are lost, harassed, or frightened and offers them protection and shelter.
Neigbourhood Watch: People share in the security and protection of their neighbourhood through this group. They report any suspicious activities to the police.
Rural Crime Watch: This is similar to Neighbourhood Watch but in rural areas.
Meals on Wheels: This organization delivers hot meals to shut-ins and the elderly.
Crime Stoppers: This program gives cash awards for tips about crimes such as break-ins, hit-and-runs, and assaults.
This is a list of

Select one:

a. community services

b. political parties

c. international non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

d. protest groups


. .


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