Which theory most closely matches your own ideas?

In this activity, we will explore the theories of development and how each approaches the three basic issues in lifespan development. (Review the issues in Chapter 1). Look at this site:


1-  First, review the 3 “grand” issues (nature/nurture, one course/many, continuity/discontinuity) of developmental psychology. Read the article as the above link

2-  Next, summarize your own views on these 3 issues.

3-  Third, choose one of the theorists discussed on pages 12-21. Theories are psychoanalytical theory,Coginitive theory, behavioral and social cognitive theory

Ethnological eclectic theory,   Summarize all of them, Which theory most closely matches your own ideas? What are the strengths of this theory? The limits? How does this theory deal with each of these issues?