Why you find this choreographer and their work to be interesting and relevant to the world of dance. 


You must choose a choreographer that we have studied within this class and make either a Power Point or a Prezi presentation highlighting the artist and their relevance to the world of dance.

The presentation must include:

Choreographer’s name with a brief explanation of their personal history, how they came to be an artist, their artistic career path and notable works. This must include photos and links if applicable.

Famous works and brief explanations of why those works are important with LINKS to the works for viewing, and photos of the works

What style/genre the choreographer is working in (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theatre. Tap, etc.)

Who were their teachers, mentors, etc. Who are their own proteges (if applicable).

Why you find this choreographer and their work to be interesting and relevant to the world of dance.

*This MUST be a choreographer and NOT a dancer/performer only. i.e.: you cannot present on Michael Jackson, Misty Copeland, or Sylvie Guillem, you must choose a choreographer.

There is no page limit here to the presentation, but it must be thorough and include links to dance pieces, references, footnotes, etc. Page Minimum: It must be at least 3 pages in length.

You can get as creative as you would like with how you would like to display the information on the Power Point , but all the pertinent information must be there. I want to really get a sense of why this artist is important to the world of dance and the art form, what impact did they have on dance, etc.

Examples of Choreographers that we have studied that you may choose from (CHOOSE ONLY ONE):

Bob Fosse

Bob Fosse’s The Rich Man’s Frug from the musical, Sweet Charity: highly stylized gestures and movement tell story