World Regional Geography

World Regional Geography

GEOG 110: World Regional GeographyHuman Rights in Asia Activity

Select a human rights issue in Asia that interests you

do 2 pages

Find a news article about the issue from one of the following sources:



– Al Jazeera

Post a thread on discussion board:

In the subject line put the name of the country and the human rights issue
Ex: Cambodia – child labor
What the human rights issue is
See if you can find some statistics to show the scale of the issue
Location where it is occurring
Country at the minimum, but try to be more specific within the country
How does the issue relate to the UN Declaration of Human Rights
Provide the article number and explain how it is connected
Find the UN Declaration of Human Rights on the following website:
List the article source and other sources used (also besure to cite sources for 1-3)

Use any of the following websites to help you get started finding a human rights issue in Asia.

– UN Human Rights – Office of the High Commissioner.

– Human Rights Watch.

– Global Issues.

– There are a variety of other resources available online, just remember the issue you select has to occur somewhere within Asia.

Sources: Use reliable sources. Do not use sources like Wikipedia and blogs.

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