Zara Rapid Fire Fulfillment, management homework help

Serious help and original work in own word if possible.  .  This less will be coming from the textbook: Zara:  Apparel Manufacturing and Retain” In text book by Chopra, S., & Meindl, P. (2016). Planning, and operation (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Supply chain management and also read the Harvard Business Review article, “Rapid Fire Fulfillment,” and answer the four questions about Zara’s supply chain Read chapter 1 Understanding the Supply Chain, Chapter 2 Supply Chain Performance and chapter 3 Supply chain Drivers and Metrics, and the video (see link below).  Please ensure reference and citations are include

    • Explain why the company’s supply chain strategy is successful, for example, the selection and management of suppliers, and determination of information needs and systems.

    • What advantage does Zara gain against the competition by having a very responsive supply chain?

    • What advantage does the company gain from replenishing its stores multiple times a week compared to a less frequent schedule? How does the frequency of replenishment affect the improved customer satisfaction?

    • What information infrastructure does Zara need in order to operate its production, distribution, and fast fashion retail network effectively?

      Submit your answer in a Microsoft Word document in 600–800 words. All written assignments should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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