a multi-media Interfaith Initiative

Global Topic will be World Hunger, I will be representing the perspective of Confucianism and Daoism

Prepare and present a multi-media Interfaith Initiative OR a Joint Resolution providing your group’s solution to a real Global Issue that has been identified by the United Nations as needing major solutions in this day and age. The purpose of your task is to role play in such a way as though you are making a formal presentation of your solution to the United Nations Assembly.  The key being that each person in your Group will represent at least one religious viewpoint from among those studied in this class and you must stay faithful to the beliefs and characteristics of your religion in developing your solution with the Group.  Your Group will need to complete its work and the Leader post your work on or before Thursday of Week #8 in the weekly Forum for review by the class.  You will need to reply to at least two other Group Projects.


As a result, your Interfaith Initiative OR Joint Resolution should include the following components:


· A brief Introduction that identifies the Global Issue presented by the United Nations as to the background information, history, and current status of the issue in the world today.

· Identification of the major components offered by each individual in the Group representing their specific religious beliefs and characteristics in direct relation to this issue alone.

· Presentation of your Group’s Interfaith Initiative OR Joint Resolution which will include the specific directives of your solution, reasoning for the directives, and a brief plan for implementation by the United Nations.

· A Summary Statement briefly wrapping up your presentation and progress made for addressing this Global Issue.

· Be sure to include MLA citations and a Works Cited Page for inclusion of all resources used in each slide and in your presentation to avoid plagiarism.

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