As a team member, what alternatives do you have to improve team management?

If teams are important, shouldnt we reengineer or work around our workforce management practices or procedures around teams rather then depend on individuals and the independent thought process? In other words which do you think is the better way to create effective objectives and goals within organizations?

Scenario A
You are a member of a Goods or Services organization (i.e., computers, phones, autos, electronics etc.) project team assigned to develop a new or redesigned product. Your team is expected to develop a business plan for this product for presentation to the senior management team. A specific timetable has been established for producing a set of deliverables. The team leader is a well-known manager with a very strong manufacturing/knowledge based background and reputation. However, his team leadership skills leave something to be desired. Among other problems, meetings are cancelled at the last minute, delegation of tasks is ambiguous, and the focus and direction of the project changes scope at virtually every meeting. Its apparent change needs to take place based on the reengineering process, as discussed in chapter 4 Reengineering the Corporation. As a team member, what alternatives do you have to improve team management? Which alternative would you select as having the best chance of success?
The book of Reengineering the Corporation Chapter 4 is attached for your reference and interpretation based on this scenario. You may use and interpret this text material based on your writings and presentation. However, do not just rewrite or include the exact book material in your paper. Your own view and analysis on the scenario and results of this problem/case will require your authentic interpretation. Nevertheless, you may cite material and include in your paper with your opinions and views. Use APA/MLA format. You should provide as much content as possible to be given the maximum amount of credit. In other words, provide meaningful and original content
Select a product as mentioned in the scenario. 
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1. Develop criteria for how you will decide what the best course of action is. How will you evaluate different solutions? What perspectives, if any, should have priority?
2. Brainstorm a list of solutions.
3. Rank the solutions using the criteria you have established.
4. Explain how the solution you chose is the best one among competing choices to accomplish the task.

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