Theres two parts to this assignment.

1st Part:

Describe the kind of funeral plans you would like to have. Describe such plans as what type of flowers, type of music, who would speak, cremation or burial and where this would occur (the forest, ocean, cemetery, etc.). Describe the cultural or family traditions that are common and which you expect might happen in a funeral for someone in your family. Stating that you do not know what kind of funeral you would like to have will result in a 0. Word count should be about 500 (half page at 10 font, single-spaced) not less than 400 words.

Write a one-paragraph obituary for yourself. Check obituaries on the web for ideas. Use appropriate grammar and spelling. You don’t have to include the date or the time of death or those details; but focus on what you would like to have people remember you for and what accomplishments you hope that others will remember of you. Keep it positive if possible. This would be what one would see in print in a newspaper or online obituary service. Word count: 150 – 250.

2nd Part:

Financial Aspects of Death: Describe the funeral plans you would like to have in detail from a financial point of view. You can use the plan you just completed to use as a checklist. Once you fully describe the event, then provide a cost listing of each of the items you selected. Select and price: flowers, music, speakers, etc. I have seen some great reports in the past with very good detail so please put effort into this portion of the project.

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