In his attempt to understand man’s unconscious, Carl Jung extends Sigmund Freud’s

English 100 Research Paper

Important Dates:

2/27 – Topic Proposals Due (10 points)

3/6 – Bring TWO TYPED Final Drafts for Peer Edit Workshop (20 participation pts.)

3/8- Final Copy Due by 7:10 am (100 points)

Assignment: Pick ONE of the topics below and compose a carefully constructed college level research


1. Research why understanding the symbols presented in dreams can be important. Develop examples that illustrate how dream interpretation helps one to solve problems and to understand one’s inner world.

2. In his attempt to understand man’s unconscious, Carl Jung extends Sigmund Freud’s

interpretation of the meaning of dreams. Contrast Freud’s ideas in “Erotic Wishes and Dreams” with

Jung’s theories in “The Importance of Dreams,” and take a position on which argument is more valid.

3. An approved topic of your choice inspired by the topics studied this semester.


· MLA typed format (refer to the sample paper on the Cerritos College Library homepage)

· 6 – 8 pages (Last line ends at the bottom of the one inch margin on page 6 for full length minimum requirement; shorter papers will not pass nor be eligible for a rewrite.)

· Works Cited page with 4 – 5 outside sources listed alphabetically and parenthetically referenced in the paper in correct MLA format.

· Typed, Double spaced; Times New Roman Font; 12 inch point size

· 1 inch margins on all sides (bottom margin may be 1 inch or less: set margin at .5; MLA requires at least 250 words per page)

· Your name, professor’s name, course number, and date in upper left hand corner

· Last name and page number ½ inch from the top in the upper right hand corner on all pages

· Title centered

· 3rd person formal tone (no I, We or You)

· Thoroughly edited (Unedited essays will not pass nor be eligible for a rewrite; they are considered draft quality submissions.)

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