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Decision Making with Managerial Accounting

Decision Making with Managerial Accounting***Original and Plagiarism free work*** Each part MUST be labeled with Plagiarism report attached*** Graduate level work PLS***Read Carefully and follow all instructions!!!!! Due to varying business characteristics, the managerial accounting techniques applied in each business may differ.  For example, a business in the start-up phase may rely heavily upon budgeting […]

Annotated Bibliography UMUC assignment help (5-6 annotations)

 This assignment will help prepare you to write your research paper, which is  due later in the course. The topic you select should be one that is of interest to you, discussed in the course, and one that you would like to research and write about. For the annotated bibliography assignment you will decide on a topic, formulate […]

Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing

ALL WORK MUST INCLUDE IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES AND BE SUBJECTED TO PLAGERISM CHECKERS. ASSIGNMENT 1 IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS QUESTION Assignment 2: Competition, Marketing Mix, and Pricing Due Week 8 and worth 300 points For this assignment, use the same health care provider as in Assignment 1. Write a four to six […]

A group of elementary or school-aged children, Informative presentation, communications homework help

The most effective presentations are customized to the intended audience. Consider how audience can influence the messaging for a presentation topic.  Select one topic and one audience from the following lists of potential topics and potential audiences.  Audience  A group of elementary or school-aged children A group of recent high school graduates A group of older […]

Energy Dependence and Sustainability

Energy Dependence and Sustainability assignmentWrite a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you do the following:• Compare actions you might take in daily activities at home, whencommuting, and at work to reduce the energy you consume• Describe how you might integrate sustainable energy sources andtechnologies into your home.• Determine actions your state might take to […]

Introduction to forestry

Prompt 1: Forest Ecology Create a food web for both of your forests. Use the terms producer, primary consumers, secondary consumer, tertiary consumer, and decomposer. Try to accurately show the difference between your two forests. For instance, the types of trees that make up the bulk of the production in your forest would be different […]

Nursing Care and Management of Kidney Failure Summary

Topic: KIDNEY FAILURE INSTRUCTION: Find an article that emphasize on Nursing care and management related to KIDNEY FAILURE Summarize the article Use APA guidelines No more than five pages; NOT including cover page and reference page Double spaced USE ARTICLES ONLY FROM NURSING JOURNALS, NO OLDER THAN FIVE YEARS PROVIDE “URL” for article on reference […]

Introduction to business

Hii.. Could you do this discussion please..  we have to discuss this with our classmate in the blackboard so we can write a discussion and read at lest three of our classmate discussions and discuss with them .. The book is :  Foundations of Business, 4rd Edition Pride/Hughes/Kapoor  South Western, Cengage Learning *could u write […]

characteristic of high-performance teams, business and finance homework help

1. Each of the following is a characteristic of high-performance teams EXCEPT: (Points : 1)   high-performance teams have strong core values.   high-performance teams turn a general sense of purpose into specific performance objectives.   high-performance teams have members who focus on individual effort and excellence.   members of high-performance teams have the right […]