plz ready case, which is Starbucks, United States of America. APA style , You need a minimum of 4 references.

followng points:

  • Introduce the organization using information provided for your assigned case and the organization’s website
  • List competitors of this organization.
  • Identify what makes this organization unique from that of its competitors.
  • Define and discuss three key concepts and strategies discussed this term that apply to this case
  • Research customer reviews from the last two years
    • using a table, provide a summary and supporting example(s) of the positive and negative reviews
    • provide a discussion regarding whether the reviews are in-line with what you read in the case and on the organization’s webpage; researching the organization, provide a potential reason for your findings
  • Based on the theory learned during this course, identify three suggestions related to managing in the service environment for the organization going forward

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