Combine the sentences, using the present or past subjunctive in the adjective clause. 

Combine the sentences, using the present or past subjunctive in the adjective clause. Model: Patricia went to find a desk. The desktop should … Combine the sentences, using the present or subjunctive in the adjective clause. Model: Patricia went to find a desk. The desk must be big. Patricia went to find a large desk. 

1 I want to choose a candidate. The candidate must be intelligent and sincere.

2 The company was going to hire an employee. The employee should have experience.

3 Norma and you are going to buy a house. The house must be in good condition (condition).

4 Ivan wanted to marry a girl. The girl should love him very much.

5 We are going to employ a lady. The lady must know how to cook.

6 They were looking for a person. The person must know Sergio.

Complete: this letter with the present indicative or the present subjunctive of the verbs in parentheses.

Dear Customer: We are writing to inform you that your long distance service is already (1) (running) through (through) our company. Now international calls will (2) (cost) 10 cents per minute unless you (3) (make) calls over the weekend. You can call us at our customer service line when you (4) (want). Our agents (5) (answer) calls 24 hours a day. In addition, we offer you our wireless Internet service. Now you (6) (can) connect to the Internet without that distance and place (7) (be) a problem. We suggest you (you) (8) (choose) our company to connect to the Internet. It is true that you (9) (have) many options, but we advise you (you) (10) (connect) through our company to get the best prices and services. As soon as you (11) (decide) use our services, call us. We will give you all the information that (you) (12) (need).

Write questions and answers with the elements provided to state what would have happened in each case. Model: if I / had been in a fire // (you) / have been afraid What would have happened if I had been in a fire? If you had been in a fire, you would have been afraid.

if don Diego / have been late // (he / she) / not to have voted if Jimena / have told you that // I / have not accepted the job if Maru and you / have been discriminated against // (we / as) / have fought against inequality if Felipe and Miguel / have seen the criminal // (them) / have declared against him (against him)

Complete the sentences using the appropriate verb in parentheses. Model: My sister asked me to give you (give / vote) this letter. 

I do not know, Mariana, but I doubt that this survey (have / be) updated.

Until there is (stop / continue) floods, tourism will not improve.

Victor does not want (live / feel) in a noisy city.

It is true that the news (create / speak) diverse political opinions.

As soon as the economy (finish / improve), there will be less unemployment.

If you (point / educate) your children better, they would have been good citizens.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the verbs.

If you (get bored) at work, look for another position. We were looking for a dancer who (know) to dance salsa.

In situations like this, it is necessary (to say) the truth, do not you think?

I have a friend who (paint) surreal paintings.

Why do you want me to (go) with you?

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