Compare and contrast the event with what you learned from the literature review

The subject of this paper is based on an event happened when I was clinical instructor and my approach to correct a student lack of knowledge was too rough. The student did not know what the diagnosis of her patient meant and consequently how to care for that patient. I questioned the student in the patient room and the patient could hear our conversation. I did not consider at that time the students feelings but just the patient safety. Below there are some useful info for this reflective paper and also the feedback form to be used as a guide.
These are the indications for references Identify at least one relevant research article and 3 evidence-based resources in your references and use these in your analysis. These should be current preferably within the past 5 years. Also these references could be used:
King P. & Mitchener K. (1993). Developing reflective judgment. San Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass.
Mezirow J. (1998). On critical reflection. Adult Education Quarterly 48(3) 185-19
Jasper M.A. (1999). Nurses perceptions of the value of written reflection. Nurse Education Today 19(6) 452-463.
Guide for Critical Reflective Analysis
To be used alongside Assignment Feedback form
Look Back:
Presents a meaningful event and outlines event concisely
Elaborate (What happened)
Present and discuss what happened what you saw felt and/or heard.
Identify the individuals involved.
Identify where and when this happened. Describe briefly how you felt as a result of the situation your perception of what others may have felt.
Identify one key issue you will discuss. Critically analyze the issue. Discuss the theory/concept using your chosen resource literature as a guide. Compare and contrast the event with what you learned from the literature review. What new perspective (view) does the application of theory give you? Utilize your critical thinking skills to apply theory/research literature to the event.
After broadening your view of this issue using your analysis and integration of evidence-based literature what important elements will you preserve or change in your nursing practice? Explain your rationale for considering change in your practice and suggest alternative strategies can be applied presently.
New Perspective:
Identify recommendations for your nursing practice if a similar situation should arise in the future.
Identify at least one relevant research article and 3 evidence-based resources in your references and use these in your analysis. These should be current preferably within the past 5 years.
APA Format using 6th edition
Critical Reflective Analysis
Value: 30%
Length: 5-7 pages typed
submit to Turnitin
Criteria for Evaluation and Grading:
Correct use of APA format spelling and grammar
Use of literature: minimum of one relevant research publication and 3 evidence-based publications. The literature should be current preferably within the past 5 years
Use of LEARN headings and format
Use of first person in written paper
Use of LEARN headings and format in paper (refer to module for feedback form)
1. Look Back
a. Present a meaningful event
b. Outline event concisely
2. Elaborate
a. Summarize event in detail (what happened who was involved where the event occurred your involvement)
b. Describe personal feelings and perceptions of self and others
3. Analyze
a. Identify one key issue to analyze
b. Use literature as a guide with at least 3 evidence based journal articles
c. Compare and contrast the event with knowledge acquired in reading
d. Discuss the new perspective (view) you have acquired through the literature
e. Apply this new perspective to think critically about the event
4. Revise
a. Refer back to your acquired knowledge and analysis
b. Explain how you would preserve or change your nursing approach
c. Discuss rationale for considering a change in your nursing practice
d. Suggest alternative strategies you are presently using as a result of this analysis
5. New Perspective
a. Identify recommendations for future revision of your practice
The crucial skills required for critical reflective analysis include: self-awareness critical analysis synthesis of literature with prior knowledge self evaluation. The theory or concept that you are applying needs to be made explicit through your use of the literature as well as your through your integration synthesis of your new understanding as you apply the literature to your situation.
Your critical reflective analysis should focus on one aspect/issue of your nursing practice so that you acquire a greater in-depth knowledge you can apply to your future practice.
The critical reflective analysis is a scholarly written assignment and should include relevant and appropriate evidence-based literature to inform your growing knowledge.
The LEARN acronym should be used as headings in the paper and you can utilize the feedback guide (included as a separate document in this module) to help you with this process.
The topic or issue you will discuss in your critical reflective analysis must relate back to a situation that involved your nursing practice during this semester. Always remember this is your reflection on your practice not that of another author or anyone else. Your critical reflective analysis needs to highlight your learning and then bring the key points of your learning back to your nursing practice.
This scholarly paper should indicate your ability to think reflectively to critically analyse an issue pertaining to a unique nursing practice situation to integrate relevant evidence-based literature and to use APA format. See grading criteria for this assignment in your course syllabus and Feedback Document for Assignments
Structure of Critical Reflective Analysis
The use of the acronym LEARN guides the process of organizing your thoughts. A word of caution is to focus on quality not quantity. This is a process that should broaden your knowledge and awareness of your nursing practice not one that becomes so complex or arduous that it loses its practicality and usefulness. By focusing your thoughts on one issue (that is most interesting to you in your practice) you can decrease the complexity and engage in acquiring more in-depth knowledge. Remember you are learning the process of critical reflective analysis so that you may foster your professional growth and nursing practice. We hope that this will become a strategy you will always use to enrich your nursing practice in the future.
The table is constructed using the acronym of LEARN and is to be used as a guide for your scholarly writing along with the document within this module. You will find that you do not necessarily want to expand on all of the points we have noted but they should be taken into account. The length of the paper should not exceed 7 pages so you will need a first draft that you can then revise before your submission to turnitin. We will discuss how to revise this draft next week in module 6.
Look Back (L = Look Back)
Process for Critical Reflection Analysis Structure for Writing Scholarly Paper
This step is similar to reflection in that one reviews a recent meaningful nursing encounter within the workplace trying to remember all the nuances of this encounter.
Describe briefly in one short paragraph of 2-3 sentences. This should be clear and succinct because it sets the tone for the paper.
Note: Look Back and Elaborate should encompass one to one and a half pages of the assignment.
Elaborate (E = Elaborate)
With elaboration the outcome is to expand upon the nursing encounter to provide description and embelishment of what occurred.
Process for Critical Reflection Analysis Structure for Writing Scholarly Paper
With this step it is necessary to remain focused on the encounter and elaborate on the details of everyone involved
Then put the writing aside for a day. The next day pick up your page and re-read what you have written. Underline what is important to you and then examine what you have underlined. This will help you to discover the real issue for your learning that is embedded within this interaction.
Clearly identify the issue you want to analyze. The issue I will explore in this paper is ..
Do not choose more than one issue as this will detract from your ability to critically analyze and focus for the purpose of an in-depth understanding. It will also influence your grade on the paper because you will not be able to intensify your learning about one issue and thus bring it clearly back to your nursing practice. Elaborate and describe the encounter (where it occurred who was involved how you felt how others might have felt)
Clearly identify the issue you wish to explore (e.g. Cultural diversity power in relationships dynamics of power grief ethics conflict) For example in this paper I will explore the issue of
Once the issue is identified provide a title for the paper.
Then move on to the literature and use the library link to search for evidence-based articles to inform your understanding of this issue.
Analyze (A = Analysis)
With analysis the outcome is to systematically integrate theory to practice. The analysis represents the bulk of your assignment where you elaborate on aspects of your chosen issue. This is when you are able to use critical thinking skills to elaborate on the depth and breadth of your knowledge. The analysis should enlighten your thinking about the issue remain issue focused and thus help you to clarify why the responses and behaviors you identified in the first two steps occurred as they did. The analysis represents the greatest number of pages in this paper merely because it integrates the literature and represents the growing depth and breadth of your knowledge and critical thinking skill.
Process for Critical Reflection Analysis Structure for Writing Scholarly Paper
Integrate theory through the use of evidence-based literature that provides insight knowledge understanding explanation clarity of the issue. You may wish to identify your own knowledge perhaps taken from course work that you have taken in the program that might assist you with analyzing this issue
This may include theory from another perspective such as coping ethics critical social theory
Go to the literature to broaden your knowledge base with regard to the issue considering the theoretical philosophical and research findings in the literature
Compare and contrast the knowledge you have acquired in analyzing your encounter in reality.
Explore insights that differ and challenge the assumptions values of both your perspective and that of others involved in the situation. (Mezirow 1990)
Explore the sources of inequities biases barriers and restrictions that impact on effective practice (Brookfield 1998)
Be critical about the insights you analyze (what does author say that is different from your perspective what can you use and why?) yet challenge the assumptions beliefs values of what authors say as well.
What factors influenced your perspective and view of the encounter?
Summarize with how your understanding of the encounter has expanded your prior understanding of the issue you were analyzing.
With an analysis that focuses in-depth on one issue you will have acquired a greater understanding of what occurred in your chosen scenario the knowledge.
Now that you have unraveled the why the scenario unfolded as it did this knowledge will naturally begin to lead you to consider the next two headings.
Thus the knowledge that you acquire through your analysis will bring you back to consider how this will inform your nursing practice.
Revise (R = revision)
With revision change is being articulated through use of your creativity and knowledge
Process for Critical Reflection Analysis Structure for Writing Scholarly Paper
Based on your expanded understanding of the encounter what are the key points you learned in your analysis that broaden your understanding?
What nursing actions would you preserve? Or modify? Or change?
Imagine alternatives you could consider as different from your prior practice
Are your recommendations supported by your analysis?
Articulate how your view is changing broadening evolving from what you reflected upon and described under look back. For example
Are you expressing your creativity? Recognizing synthesis of new approaches in the literature?
Becoming more open to new ways of knowing?
New Perspective (new perspective of practice)
With a new perspective of practice you are articulating a personal recommendation to self for professional practice
Process for Critical Reflection Analysis Structure for Writing Scholarly Paper
Did you gain a different understanding of the issue than when you began?
Identify ways in which your view has been transformed or changed doing this analysis and what has changed your perspective?
How could what you learned be transferred to other encounters of your nursing practice? Are your recommendations supported by your analysis?
How will you transfer this learning to your future practice?
Are you recognizing your synthesis of new approaches you read about in the literature
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