Concepts of Criminal Law, assignment help


Here is the first question on the Discussion page. Be sure to select the Discussions page to the left under Week 5 and respond to the following question:

(5c) Criminal taking began as part of the social concern with violent crimes against the person. That concern led to the creation of the common-law felony of robbery–taking property by force or the threat of force–which is a violent crime against persons and their property. Criminal law next expanded to include taking property without consent, even if the thief used no force. The first nonconsensual, non-violent taking felony was larceny.

Please respond to the following prompts:

    • Review and explain at least two of the following types of efforts internet criminals use to try to steal intellectual property:
      • spoofing, piggybacking, data diddling, salami attack, e-mail flood attacks, password sniffing, and worms.
    • What do you think about the fact that these types of thieves target the elderly?

No plagiarism. Add your references. Double check your grammar.

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