He didn’t give us much direction. I was going to do this but i have another project due tonight and I don’t have time. let me know if u have any questions.

Create a cover page then1-3 slides on The summary of the book(cliff notes), 3 to 6 slides what struck us about it and what we learned, and then 6 to 9 slides what we learn that we can apply towards a future job or internship (so total 10 slides including cover) I think google powerpoint is probably the easist

Pick one book and then apply it to the powerpoint:

1)Faster, Smarter, Louder by Aaron Agius, Gian Clancey

2)Digital Marketing 2020 by Danny Star

3)Intro to Digital Marketing in the Pharmaceutical Industry by Oliver Greyson

4)Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

5)Social Media Marketing Mastery 2019 by Robert Miller

6)InstaBrain by Sarah Weise

7)Becoming a Digital Baller by Connor Wright

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