Describe an environment for a sense of industry.

CHD 204 ch 8
Read Chapter 8 and answer the following questions:
1. What are primary-age children like?
2. What do primary-age children like to do?
3. Define peers, sense of industry, competence and concrete.
4. What do primary-age children need?
5. How do primary-age children learn best?
6. What are some of the concerns about public education?
7. Describe an environment for a sense of industry.
8. What is a benefit of the learning-center approach for primary-age children?
9. What is a planning contract?
10. What is an advantage to providing a number of separate learning centers?
11. What is a planning board?
12. Define portfolio.
13. How do teachers of primary-age children use portfolios and work samples?
14. What are two large and important learning centers related to literacy?
15. What should a writing center contain?
16. List four (4) suggestions for an environment that fosters early literacy.
17. Describe an environment that fosters math understanding.
18. Describe a physical environment that fosters scientific awareness.
19. Describe an environment for relationships.
20. List five (5) suggestions for fostering peer- and teacher-child relationships.
21. What is the problem with fragmented primary classroom schedules?
22. On what do you base an appropriate schedule for a primary classroom?
23. What is the problem with recess? Why have some schools abolished recess?
24. Define mixed-age groupings.
25. Describe after-school childcare.
26. What is the debate over television and video games?
27. List nine (9) suggestions for an appropriate after-school care environment.
28. Describe an inappropriate environment in primary classrooms. List six (6) elements.


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