Describe the data collection instruments used in this study.

Use the article listed below for Questions 1-6,your text (Melnyk&Fineout-Overholt, 2015), your stats text (Keller & Kelvin, 2013), the PRISMA website PRISMA checklist,and your Literature Search Paper to answer the following questions.
Except for Question 13, your answers will be no more than a paragraph for each question. Some may only require a sentence or two.Questions 1-12 areworth 5 points.
For question 13, download the PRISMA checklist and submit both the article you selected and the checklist.(20 Points)
Questions 14 & 15 are 10 points each
Wu, C.-J., Gardner, G. E. and Chang, A. M. (2009), Taiwanese nursing students’ knowledge, application and confidence with standard and additional precautions in infection control. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 18: 1105–1112. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2702.2008.02309.x(Questions 1-6)
1. Identify the independent and dependent variables

2. What is the research methodology and why is this method used for this study?

3. Describe the data collection instruments used in this study.

4. What statistics were used in the data analysis (give results)?

5. Are there any ethical concerns in this study?

6. What are the nursing implications based on this study?

7. When would you use a paired t-test?

8. Is a paired t-test considered to be descriptive statistics or inferential statistics? Why?

9. What demographic variables can be measured at the nominal level of measurement? Provide a rationale for your answer.

10. What demographic variables are measured at the interval level of measurement?

11. What is the difference between clinical significance and statistical significance?

12. Describe the difference between a systematic review and a single research study.

13. Locate a systematic review. Use the PRISMA checklist and report on the article that you found. (20 points)

For questions 14, & 15 use your Literature Search Paper (10 Points each)

14. In one of your five studies in your Literature Search Paper, what method was used to recruit participants? (sampling method) How did they advertise?
15. How did your five articlesaddress ethical concerns? Did each mention the process of going through anInstitutional Review Board (IRB)?




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