Describe the relevance of your lecture to other Family Therapist.

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Family Therapy Course

Please put the question or section name above each paragraph

Target group: child neglect, child maltreatment,

This mini-lecture will be delivered in the form of a transcript for a mock podcast.

As you compose your transcript, consider some ideas and thoughts that you have about human resilience. Reflect on how your personal observations can impact your work with this target group. Also, identify other characteristics on resilience drawn from readings.

Elaborate on how students can help clients who are victims of family violence develop resilience.

Be sure to include the following in your transcript:

Describe some characteristics of resilience identified in your readings and reflection.

Elaborate on how these strengths will be useful for victims of family violence.

Explain how these strengths can help prevent or overcome the consequences of family violence.

Identify the applicability of these ideas to diverse individuals and families.

Describe the relevance of your lecture to other Family Therapist.

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