How many ways can you think of in which you “perform” your gender? We’ve read about how our gender identities are socially constructed through toys and by rituals such as team sports and beauty pageants. This socialization influences our day-to-day experiences, including which bathrooms we are permitted to use.

https://mediaplayer.pearsoncmg.com/assets/_video.true/sociology_2017_blue_chalk_videos-The_Debate_in_Washington_State (Links to an external site.)

How comfortable would you be using a bathroom that was not specified as either for males or females?

When sociologists study sexuality, they distinguish among desire (physical attraction), behavior (sex), and identity. How do factors such as body size, skin color, and physical ability influence how you perceive sexual attractiveness? How do you suppose your choices and decisions have been socialized? How might you behave differently if your body were a different size?

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