discuss the project elements and workshop your project.

Your proposal project will be a research-based document. The format you choose depends on your interest, your knowledge of the subject, and your purpose. In class we will discuss the project elements and workshop your project. You will have the opportunity to see previous student proposals as examples, in addition to course guidance. You can work with ONE partner.

The proposal has a persuasive focus, as it attempts to influence an audience to take some action: authorize a project, accept a service or product, or support a specific plan for solving a problem or making an improvement. You could write about your own dream foundation/non profit or a new program at UM. You could write about academics or extracurriculars at UM. You could make a proposal to any company or organization. You can work on a grant proposal. Please ask if you have questions on your proposal topic.

Project Requirements:

Hard copy due in class; see syllabus for due dates.

Length: Approximately 10-12 pages, not including the title page or table of contents

Report Body:

The body should be TNR 12 pt. double-spaced, and should include a minimum of three graphics (tables, charts, line graphs, diagrams, etc.). The graphics must be cited appropriately if they are from another source. In addition to graphics, you may choose to incorporate infographics and/or photos within your proposal or in the Appendix section. Incorporate your research (5-10 high quality sources) with summary and quotations for support and credibility. One inch margins.

Front Matter/End Matter:

At minimum, you should have three pages of front matter: a Title Page, a Table of Contents with page numbers for sections, and an Abstract or Executive Summary. Additionally, depending on your audience and purpose, you may also choose to include a List of Tables and Figures, Glossary, Appendices, and other Documentation.

Visuals: As noted in Report Body, you must include at least three visuals of any type, which may include tables, etc.


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