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Class Participation – Discussion Forum

Please review the Class Participation Policy located in the Course Essentials section of the syllabus for this course.  Learners are expected to have weekly interaction with the Faculty Mentor as well as with other Learners through class participation in the Class Discussion Forum.  Learners must post to the Course Discussion Forum at least once each week.  The post should be a direct response to the topic for the week and include brief commentary on the posts of other classmates. Your post must be substantial and thoughtful and be a minimum of 250 words.  It is recommended that you write your post in Word to track your word count and then copy and paste it into the discussion forum space in the course syllabus.

Leading By Example:  Leaders must be an example of empowerment, if they want to successfully empower their employees. Think of this in relationship to Psychodynamic Leadership.  This leadership characteristic also falls into the category of developing and mentoring others. Based on information you have studied, thus far, in your course textbook, plus, doing Internet research; discuss with your fellow classmates and Mentor what it means to you to “lead by example?”  How important is it to you to develop and maintain this leadership characteristic?  Give at least one example of how you have applied this concept in the past?

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