Evaluate the outcome of the new interventions

Evaluate the outcome of the new interventions

Global Objective

The purpose of a global objective is to provide a vision for your overall project. It should be broadly stated. Write 1 Global Objective (Do Not Use Any Abbreviations). An objective should consist of one sentence.

At the completion of this project I will have developed a new Falls Assessment t tool to help prevent falls.

Project Objectives

Now your global objective should be broken down into more focused steps. Be sure your Project Objectives support your Global Objective! Write 4 Project Objectives…objectives should start with an action verb! (Do Not Use Any Abbreviations)

1- I will create a safety committee at my facility and invite patient’ family, physician and maintenance department to participate;

2- I will have weekly meeting with the safety committee to discuss falls and new interventions;

3- I will post in all units including patient’s room a list the new interventions;

4- I will create a new assessment tool for falls and submitted it to the facility’s administration for approval.

Possible steps to assist me in completing my project: List at least 4 steps in your project

(Do Not Use Any Abbreviations)

Review facility current falls assessment tool;

Identify trends in current falls such as time of the day and place they occur as well patient’s diagnosis ;

Research evidence based practice interventions to prevent fall and review it with the safety committee;

Start Implementing new interventions to prevent falls;

Evaluate the outcome of the new interventions

Finalize and implement the new fall assessment tool in my facility.


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