Explain the SABSA Model as it relates to IT strategic planning

 SABSA Model

§ Explain the SABSA Model as it relates to IT strategic planning.

§ You will identify four IT security controls for a given scenario.


§ The Security Strategy book discusses the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) model on page 65 when it addresses business drivers.

§ Research at least two additional sources of the SABSA model.

§ Provide a 2-3 page paper explaining the model. Include at least one figure, diagram, or chart explaining it. You should address how it identifiers business drivers.

Week 3 Assignment 2: U.S. Compliance Laws and Regulations

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

§ Describe one of the laws impacting IT Strategy and Policy.


§ Chapter 3 of the Security Policy textbook discusses different laws related to IT Strategy and Policy.

§ Pick one of the laws, regulations, or standards mentioned in the chapter and conduct additional research on it.

§ Provide a 1-2 page paper explaining the law or regulation. You should address the following:

o What are the key concepts contained in the law / regulation?

o How does it impact an organization and its IT infrastructure?

o What policy, technical or procedural controls does the law / regulation require?

o Why those drivers are important for the business?

o How those drivers benefit the organization and help it meet its goals?

You may place both assignments in a single document.

Your writing must be professional with proper attention to formatting, spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


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