Facility location analysis with Annotated Bibliography

Here is the scenario: You work for an electronic waste recycling and computer refurbishing company as a manager and financial controller. You work in the front office while there is a warehouse where the recycling and refurbishing takes place. It is a company of about 30 employees. The website for the electronic waste company is here: www.greenchiprecycling.com. The website for the computer refurbishing company is here: www.recircuit.us. Green Chip Recycling is looking to open a new location. Write a 4-5 page paper on Facility Location Analysis from chapter 8 of the textbook. Based on information and data, you must: (a) create a situation with quantitative factors; (b) solve the situation showing the proof of your calculations; and (c) analyze the implications. Additionally, search academic social science research periodicals that deal with Facility Location Analysis and write a one page annotated bibliography citation for each periodical. (PERIODICALS MUST BE FROM THE USA OR THE UK) The two annotated bibliography summaries should include the following: The purpose of the article; the design and/or methodological approach of the article; the findings of the article; the conclusions of the article; and should be from 300 to 500 words in length. The minimum length is 300 words; any fewer words will reduce the grade. The 300 to 500 word length only represents your words, not words attributed to another author, or cited from previous articles.

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