Find a company’s Income statement and analysis it, accounting homework help

This is MBA – Managerial Accounting course.


 Find a company’s Income statement (a specific period of time, such as January- July 2015, or January-March 2015) and other data related to this company that you can use for analysis its 

1. cost, 

2. expense, 

3. assets, 

4. liabilities, 

5. Revenues, 

6. Net Income, 

7. balance sheet, 

8. statement of Cash flow

     a. operating of activities

     b. Financing Activties

     c. Investing Activities 

(A company, you can chooseCostco Wholesale Corporation. )

Write one paragraph for each part. Total 8 paragraphs.

4 pages required.  (Not including the pictures, table, list, chart, diagram, or other data you find on the Internet)

Write the paper in APA format. 

  • no more than 20% of its content quoted from another source. 

This is graduate students level paper. Please write your answers professional. 

Be specific. Do not write too general. 

Thank you. 

Original work. NO Plagiarism. It must be upload to the Turnitin website.

If you don’t follow the rules, I will withdraw it. 

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