I will upload the one I finished. I am hoping if you can check is there any changes to make the paper better.

Please redo paragraph 3 (the one about GMS Spiritual Swords YouTube channel). Please change it to talk about Irish Hurling and here is the video: https://www.balls.ie/gaa/us-tv-hurling-documentary-311984

Here are the questions/ formats for this essay:

1st Paragraph – Start out the paper with a separate Introduction paragraph generalizing sports impacts on their community.

2nd, 3rd & 4th Paragraph -What were some of the main points in regards to community impact you took from each of these three? Use each paragraph for each video individually.

5th Paragraph – why do you think it is that the Southern California region does not have a fanatical fan base for any one sport?

6th Paragraph – Then Close Out the paper with with a paragraph highlighting and bringing it all together with closing comments.

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