make a PICOT question in nursing practice and dissect the question which part of the question is P, I, C, O, T in a chart just like this example with at least 3 reference of nursing journal

Research Question

hired in 2016 to facilitate reduction of insertion/verification problems.

At Virginia Hospital Center, what is the impact of implementing NG tube medical simulation training to new graduate nurses hired in 2017 compared to new graduate nurses who were My only concern is that graduate nurses (RN) should have the required knowledge and skills to conduct this procedure successfully

is there any evidence that suggest that they do not?

Yes, there are numerous articles concerning the lack of skills and most importantly, confidence among new nurse graduates to adequately perform tasks related to patient care (e.g., NG tube, foley insertion, etc.)


New graduate nurses at Virginia Hospital Center


Implementing NG tube medical simulation training to new graduate nurses hired in 2017

why do think that this intervention might be effective, did u find a study that support this? Yes, confidence, competency, and skill levels seems to increase in the study presented below and other articles reviewed.


Compared to 2016 new graduate who did not receive medical simulation training


Facilitate reduction of insertion/verification problems


6 months

a bit long duration, why did you chose this duration.I chose a one-year duration, since some nurse residency programs are one-year long.However, for this proposal, I’ll go from 12 months to 6 months to capture data.

Casey, Kathy, M.S.N., R.N., Fink, Regina, PhD, RN, F.A.A.N., A.O.C.N., Jaynes, Cathy, PhD., R.N., Campbell, Linda, PhD, R.N., C.N.S., Cook, P., PhD., & Wilson, Vicki, PhD., R.N. (2011). Readiness for practice: The senior practicum experience. Journal of Nursing Education, 50(11), 646-652. doi:

Everett-Thomas, R., Valdes, B., Valdes, G. R., Shekhter, I., Fitzpatrick, M., Rosen, L. F., . . . Birnbach, D. J. (2015). Using simulation technology to identify gaps between education and practice among new graduate nurses. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 46(1), 34-40. doi: 20141122-01

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