not-to-hard-of-a-thing-to-do the video on whats needed to do just do the discussion board

Discussion Board:

Overview: Instead of asking for one long summative discussion board post, we’re going to ask you respond as you progress through the assignment. After each reading, you will respond with a few words, a meme, or a short video (one minute). Pay attention especially for some of the key quotes found in the Introduction to Module Three – Antebellum America material and the definition section at the start of the unit.

So, as you read Emerson’s “Nature” and “Self-Reliance;” Fuller’s “Woman in the Nineteenth…” and Summer on the Lakes…; and Thoreau’s “Economy,” and “Where I Lived, and What I Lived for,” respond after each reading. We will ask for a total of 08 separate responses, worth 10% each (80% total).

Medium: You have a choice in how you will present the assignment, meaning you may complete a traditional discussion boardor create a Padlet. Regardless, you should create a separate response or post for each of the questions below. If you’re doing a Padlet, please post a link to it in the discussion board. If you’re doing a traditional discussion, you may simply reply to your own post for each response.

Task: This is a two-part Activity. In part one, you’ll make 8 responses. In part two, you’ll reply to your peers’s posts.

Response 1: Start by setting a goal for yourself; read over this activity, then look at the chapter three test. How do you want to use this activity to help you improve for the test?

Responses 2-7: Respond to each of the text below in approximately 50-100 words. You may use meme’s to help express the ideas in the document or just complete written responses. As you answer, consider the following: What quotes stand out to you and why? Do these readings in general motivate you to do something or think differently? How have these readings helped you progress in achieving your goal from question one?

Response 2 – “Nature”

Response 3 – “Self Reliance”

Response 4 – “Economy” (from Walden)

Response 5 – “Where I lived and What I Lived For” (from Walden)

Response 6 – “The Great Lawsuit”

Response 7 – “Chapter Three” (from Summer on the Lakes, in 1843)

Response 8: Reflection: Reflect on your goal you set for yourself in part one. Where you able to achieve your learning goal? How or why?

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