Peer review

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Peer review is when professionals working the same field evaluate ones work and then being able to put their input on the review. It is important to have peer reviewed information in evidenced based practice because it gives patients assurance that the practice their professional is giving them is reassuring. They are able to show that the best knowledge and care is being used. Peer review can be facilitated by allowing a group of nurses or doctors give a certain input and be able to test it and get it approved rather than further information form others be needed to have it as peer reviewed.

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Peer review can be defined as a system of an assessment made based on the quality, of a professional expert that is in the same field (National Institutes of Health, n.d.). In a peer reviewed, an article submitted to an expert in the field to analyze. The assessment will help the professional expert to whether published it or not. Peer review helps prevent made up findings that are not well supported by evidenced based practice. Peer review can be facilitated by teaching students the importance of it. At times, it can be difficult for students, due to the lack of knowledge. By facilitating peer review students can have a general idea of other models work and can used these approaches of evidenced base practice. Overall, peer review is great way for constructive criticism of your work. As a result, this will ensure accurate evidenced based practice are been followed by the author.

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