Please refer to the section of Chapter 2 of the textbook relating to the discussion on The Sale of Body Parts. Please read the case study and respond to the following questions. Please type your responses and then upload them to the Turnitin link in this folder.

1) Please share your reaction to the case study. How did you feel when you read about this practice?

2) Why do you think you felt this way? Consider what you have learned about your own moral/ethical perspective in your answer.

3) Analyze the case study from a Utilitarian perspective: is buying and selling body parts an ethical practice?

4) Select a second ethical/moral theory from the ones we have already discussed – Virtue Ethics or Kantian Ethics. Analyze the case study from this perspective. From this second perspective, is buying and selling body parts an ethical practice? Compare and contrast these two perspectives – Utilitarianism and your second choice.

This will be a graded assignment.

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