Population Health Nursing


Population Health Nursing

Instructions for the Healthy People


The purpose of this discussion is to apply research-based, public health objectives to a selected community aggregate. The documents Healthy People 2020, and Healthy People Midcourse Review 2010- Healthy People 2020 will be used by the students. This assignment is based on the aggregate in the community where the students did their preceptorship. The discussion is also based on the community assessment that the students completed in NSG 4411. The point distribution is listed below. The instructions on how to develop the discussion following APA format on the next page.


Points Description


6.5 Describe the community where the aggregate lives and then describe the

aggregate using demographic data and characteristics. Discuss some

social, economic, and environmental factors determining health status.


7 Describe the leading causes of death, extent of disability, and morbidity

for this aggregate.


7 Describe the health risk factors and/or stressors facing this aggregate.


30 Discuss three Healthy People 2020 objectives, which apply to this aggregate.


7.5 According to the Healthy People 2010 Midcourse Review – Healthy People 2020, what, if any, progress has been made toward achievement of each Healthy People 2020 objectives cited?


12 Identify the Healthy People 2020 objective you feel to be the most pertinent to your aggregate, identify, and discuss a strategy to promote health for this aggregate through inter-and intra-professional communication.


30 Use three peer reviewed scholarly-based articles (within last 5 years) to

validate possible interventions for improving the health status of the

assigned aggregate based on your chosen Healthy People 2020 objective.


The following websites are helpful for use in this project:


Instructions on How to Develop Following APA Format


1. The must be typed in scholarly format (Refer to the BSN Guide for Scholarly Papers) and the APA manual (7th edition):

a. no less than 5 pages and no more than 8 pages (excluding title page and reference page).

b. double-spaced, Times New Roman font, size 12 with 1” margins.

c. Do not write in first, second or third person.

d. Use of proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation is required.

e. Do not start sentences with numbers or acronyms.

f. A paragraph contains at least 3 sentences. Do not add a space between paragraphs.

g. Use headings. (Refer to the APA manual).

h. No quotes. Paraphrase in your own words.

i. Correctly cite all information. When in doubt, cite. (Refer to APA manual 7th edition).

j. Do not copy and paste from the source or from other assignments. (See syllabus regarding plagiarism).

k. References on separate page.


2. Submit under the Assignments tab through Turnitin.

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