Recommend an appropriate action for each step of the PDCA.

Performance measure data reports for the outpatient registration unit  shows that the registration process contains some inefficiency which  results in some patients being late for their appointments. Additionally  an increased number of errors in patient information were found, which  are time-consuming to correct and can delay billing for services.

As a member of the Performance Improvement (PI) team, you will work  with the unit to find the causes of the process issues and then  determine what actions will help to streamline it, saving time and  reducing data entry errors. Your PI team will use the Plan-Do-Check-Act  (PDCA) method.

In a 1 page paper:

  1. Briefly describe the tools and techniques you would recommend to be used at each phase of the PDCA process:
    • Plan – Proposals or ideas for addressing the process issues
    • Do – Implementing one or more of the proposed ideas
    • Check – Evaluate the effectiveness of each idea implemented
    • Act – Choosing the idea that helped meet the goal (improved process)
  2. Recommend an appropriate action for each step of the PDCA.
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