Review the “What a Manager Should Say” video.

Review the “What a Manager Should Say” video.

This assignment brings together the work completed in both the practicum and individual assignments to this point.

Design a 1,400- to 2,100-word “change and negotiation plan” and “summary”.

Include the following:

  • An abstract that briefly describe the change and negotiation plan
  • An introduction that describes the audience–such as the senior leadership or the unit manager–and the purpose of the change and negotiation plan
  • Analysis of the practicum problem
  • Description of the chosen change theory (Organizational CHANGE theory, not Nursing theory)
  • Proposed change(s), strategies, and the importance of each
  • The various stakeholders and describe their roles within the change (include titles only, not actual names)
  • Explanation of the proposed change process (including details on the various steps)
  • Description of the proposed communication plan for the change
  • Explanation of the tactics, styles, or strategies that will be used in the negotiation processes.

Research 4+ peer reviewed professional references in united states to support your work.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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