Select a community with which to conduct your community analysis.

Community analysis and interaction consequences of flooding in the Admiralty Islands

Select a community with which to conduct your community analysis. As per Topic 4 in your Study Guide, your community needs to be large enough to enable you to address all the assessment task features. It also needs to be small enough to be manageable and to ensure that your analysis does not become so broad as to be of no use.

It is helpful to select a community that is within your reach and easily accessible to you, for instance the one you live in or work in.

After working through Topics 1 to 6 you are to conduct a community analysis in which you are to:
Part 1 Describe your community in terms of socio-economic and physical characteristics
Part 2 Explain the interaction consequences of an emergency event
Part 3 List the recovery needs of your community

Part 1 Describe Your Community 30 marks
Introduce your selected community in a brief overview (i.e. geography, history, climate, and so on.)

Social-economic characteristics
Describe the socio-economic characteristics of your selected community You may describe the economic characteristics separately if you wish.

Physical characteristics
Describe the physical characteristics of your selected community

Part 2 Interaction Consequences 35 marks
In Part 2 you are asked to consider the interaction of your chosen community with either a specific threat (for example a flood) or following Mark Sullivan’s paper, a generic threat. On the one hand you have your community and on the other hand a potential threat – put them together, and what do you get? What are the interaction consequences?
Having summarised your chosen community you should now describe the interaction consequences of a threat/threats impacting on that community. You may be flexible with your approach to this section and select the headings that best suit your community and threat. If you are stuck, you may like to consider the following prompts:

1. Identify the threat/hazard/emergency situation.

2. Describe the implications of the threat on your community, highlighting potential problems and opportunities:

• Area affected
• People affected
• Property affected
• Facilities and services affected
• Anything else of relevance that may be affected

3. What conclusions can you draw to complete this section, regarding your chosen community’s capabilities, both social and physical?
Alternatively, you could consider writing about the interaction consequences through some of the following prompts:

• Consequences arising from previous emergencies
• Societal consequences and community expectations
• Combined geographical and infrastructure consequences
• Consequences of building design
and so on

You are encouraged to be creative and design your own structure; these are suggestions to get you thinking.
As you complete this assignment bear in mind that in Assessment Task 2 you will consider the recovery strategies that flow from the interaction consequences you are now describing.

Part 3 Recovery Needs and Conclusion 25 marks
List the recovery needs of your community as a result of the emergency event.
Construct a Conclusion which draws together the main points of your community, the interaction consequences of an emergency event and the needs that it creates.

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