Short Essay on the spot. I will submit the prompt within 20 min. You will have to finish it within 30 min to 40 min.

It might be about this

Begin at 42:45 – You will be hearing city staff provide a long staff report regarding all that they have done to research and analyze the issue of Short Term Vacation Rentals. You will hear them move through the Policy Cycle (although they never use this term) – Setting the Agenda, Defining the Problem, then discussing four options/alternatives, including Option 1 which is their recommended option. You will also hear staff address Steps 7 and 8 in the Policy Cycle – Implementation and then future Monitoring and Evaluation of the decision.

Stop at 1:08:05 and move to 1:26:12 – which will be the beginning of citizen speakers. Listen to the first four – two are in favor of staff recommendation, the next two are against. Most of the speakers that followed, which you don’t need to listen to, were against.

Stop at 1:36:00 and move to 2:32:30 and listen to City Council members discuss the issue among themselves and give their opinions (this is Choosing an Alternative – Step 6). End the video once you have seen the City Council vote on the electronic board.

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