We are now entering week 8 of this course. Since this is only a 10-week

We are now entering week 8 of this course. Since this is only a 10-week course you are almost to the end. As you began this course I asked you to contemplate your thoughts and/or understandings regarding the beginning of your life; specifically the concepts of tabula rasa innate goodness and original sin. This gives you and me some insight regarding your philosophy regarding your development (socially cognitively and physically) through life. What are you personally responsible for? What role do others play at various life stages? You have journeyed through many processes most recently personality development and gender differences. This week you will encounter parenting styles and various family systems. Todays family systems are much different than those of previous generations. They are different but are they better? Also do consider that depending upon one’s socio-economic culture and/or (though not always) ethnicity some parenting styles are more effective than others.At this point I hope you see how intricately unique you are and all that has been involved in making you .you.Please note that if you have a newer edition than fourth you will not find the six-stage family cycle in your textbook. Please Google Family Stage or Family Cycle theories and select any that you find of interest and write on that one.Remember to provide your reference at the bottom of your discussion please.Below I have included some links you may enjoy browsing through as well as the PowerPoint presentation for Chapter 14.Birth Order:http://www.childdevelopmentinfo.com/development/birth_order.htmBirth Order (Adler):http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/hstein/birthord.htmBirth OrderScience or Myth? (book review):http://www.rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/Psychology/birtho.htmDiana Baumrinds Home Page:http://ihd.berkeley.edu/baumrind.htmDiana Baumrinds Parenting Styles:http://www.devpsy.org/teaching/parent/baumrind_styles.htmlDivorce (Article fromUSAToday):http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2002/01/14/usatcov-divorce.htmFatherhood: Improving Data and Research on Male Fertility Family Formation and Fatherhood:http://fatherhood.hhs.gov/CFSForum/front.htmParenting Information on a Variety of Topics:http://www.family.org/parenting/Parenting Style and Its Correlates:http://www.athealth.com/Practitioner/ceduc/parentingstyles.htmlWeek 8 Social Contexts of Development: Families Lifestyles and Parenting.LearningResources -Chapter 14-Videos: Chapter 14: (Relationship with Parents at Age 11)(When Second Baby Comes Along)(Sibling Differential Treatment)(Interview with Adoptive Parents)(Cultural Variation in Father Role)ThreadedDiscussions Thread 1: Parenting Styles: Explain how each of the four types of parenting styles can impact childrens physical cognitive social and emotional development. Explain the role culture in influencing parenting styles.Post your answers to this Discussion by Day 3 of this week. Respond to at least one peer posting by Day 5 of this week.Thread 2: Family Life Cycle and Stages: What are the six stages of the family life cycle? How has this stage view of the family life cycle been criticized in recent years? What are some important family processes?Post your answers to this Discussion by Day 5. Respond to at least one peer posting by Day 5 of this week.


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