Week 3 Assignment

In order to fulfill all parts of this assignment you must complete and submit the Week 3 Assignment Worksheet and upload to Waypoint. The Worksheet is a document template. This assignment is meant to help you get your Final Project started by

  • Focusing on your group.
  • Describing the events that you will discuss in your Final Project.
  • Locating the sources that you need for your Final Project.
  • Determining the direction of your project by writing a thesis statement.

To complete the worksheet, address the following points:

  • Pick a group.
  • Describe four specific events related to your group.
  • Locate two primary sources and two scholarly secondary sources. For help with identifying sources, review the Primary Sources or Scholarly Secondary Sources PDF handouts.
  • Cite your sources in APA and provide annotations for your sources.
  • Write an introductory paragraph with a thesis.

On the worksheet, you will find links to examples and explanations for all parts of the assignment. If you need more help, you may want to look at a sample completed worksheet to help you get started. For help locating primary sources refer to the HIS206: Primary Sources Research Guide. You can get help locating scholarly secondary sources in the HIS206: Scholarly Secondary Sources Research Guide.

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