Why must market research be conducted?

Create an outline based on your Health Care Marketing Plan Presentation due in Week Six.
Include the following:
•Background information
◦What is the name of the hypothetical organization or program?
◦What is the geographic location?
◦What is the organizational mission?
•Industry background: Describe the historical background of the industry.
•Situational SWOT analysis: Assess the environment of the organization. Address why your marketing plan is necessary. Include the following:
◦Strengths (internal)
◦Weaknesses (internal)
◦Opportunities (external)
◦Threats (external)
•Market research
◦Why must market research be conducted?
◦What kind of data will you use: primary, secondary, or both? Why?
•Marketing objectives: List your quantifiable marketing objectives.
◦Explain what you want to achieve.
◦Define estimated dates by which you want to achieve those goals.
•Marketing strategies: Describe the general approach or best way to meet your objectives.

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