Write a 1 to 1 and -page Executive Summary of the article you have chosen, organized into 34 paragraphs.

Select an article relevant to your field of study from one of the following professional websites. You may not use the same article you used in your Unit 2 or Unit 4 Assignment. Read the article and apply what you have learned about appropriate language and writing professional documents to complete the following Assignment:
Write a 1 to 1 and -page Executive Summary of the article you have chosen, organized into 34 paragraphs. You may write to a business audience either for the company you currently work for, or imagine that you are working as a consultant for a business or non-profit or charity organization and write to an appropriate audience within that organization. Summarize the main points of this article and explain how the information contained within the article is relevant to a specific issue or problem the company is currently facing. Make a recommendation for what your audience should do with this information. You may use information from sources other than the original article that you use as the basis for your Executive Summary, but if you use sources in your Executive Summary, you must give the sources credit using 6th edition APA format.

Pick something that is in the health field related.

Must be written in a memo format.
A memo is a document commonly used in the workplace to convey information to company employees. In that sense, it is an internal document, which means that, generally, the audience is internal to the company; it is not a form used for outside customers or clients. The purpose of a memo, usually, is to inform employees of policies or other company-related matters, such as a change in personnel within departments, change in a process or procedure, or an upcoming company meeting.
Each company you work for may have its own particular format for a memo, but generally, a memo is written in the following format.

April 25, 2011 (if you are addressing employees in a foreign branch of the company, you might want to use this format for the date: 25 April 2011, which is more common overseas).


List the names of employees that this memo is addressed to. If you are sending it to an entire department, you can list the department title here, such as All English Faculty and Staff. Consider the order of people. Will you alphabetize or should you go by rank/position within the company listing the most senior personnel first?


List the contact persons name and title, such as Diane Martinez, Writing Specialist

Make this brief but descriptive of the memo contents, such as Resource Development Procedure Changes

The content of the memo begins here. Generally, a memo is single-spaced. For a memo written to an American audience, you would state the purpose of the memo in the opening paragraph.
Body paragraphs of a memo contain the details of the news you are informing employees about. Generally, you want to keep the information in a memo brief, or at least concise, providing only facts that are needed to understand the main message of the memo. However, there are times when a memo may be a longer document, such as when writing a memo proposal or a strategy memo. If the memo is particularly long, you might consider using subheadings for easier reading since you will likely be addressing different topics in the longer memo.


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