Write a two-page discussion of the cultural landscape of Paris.



Use class materials on ALL answers.

1) Write a two-page discussion of the cultural landscape of Paris. You must cover: the geographic site and situation of the city, its basic morphology (shape and pattern), its cultural character and ethnicity, economy, and describe the cultural significance of three of its major monumental landscape features. Use class materials.

2) Define World Heritage Sites – explain the types of purposes of these sites. Then describe two sites from Africa: why was each site selected for World Heritage designation? Use class materials and the UN site. whc.unesco.org

3) List and briefly explain how the Vikings became peaceful. Are there any other reasons you can think of? Does this story have any significance for the future of United States or is it unique to Scandinavia? Use class materials.

4) Write one page on either New Zealand or Tahiti as a cultural landscape. Both are parts of Polynesia but differ tremendously in their history, colonial era, ethnic character, and cultural landscapes. Use the term Polynesian Triangle. Describe the place you select in a way that a knowledgeable tourist would benefit from. Use class materials and the Internet to generate your information include sitation.

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